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All touch surfaces are cleaned after each student, and at night. Below you will find more detailed information about the health and safety practices and policies.


  1. Have their temperature taken before entering Mr. Nally’s home.

  2. Wear shoe covers or remove shoes upon entering.

  3. Sit at their assigned seat and remain at their seat/desk area in order to maintain social distance.

  4. Place their backpack and any other belongings in their assigned plastic lined receptacle or on their desk

  5. Wear a mask unless the student is outdoors AND maintaining social distancing, or taking a drink of water. Note that lunch will be eaten outdoors, weather permitting. If not possible students will be assigned a lunch area and will spread out across two rooms.

  6. Follow bathroom use cleanliness protocol, which will be outlined on their first day, posted in the bathroom, and is also listed at the end of this document.

  7. Bring a large water bottle. Mr. Nally can refill bottles upon request but a larger bottle, which would require minimum refilling, is preferable.

  8. Bring lunch (in an insulated lunch bag if food needs to be kept cold). A microwave and kettle will be available for student use in the secondary class space, separate from Mr. Nally’s home’s kitchen.

  9. Use sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer or other disinfecting material or tools as instructed. Examples include using a wipe to clean off the microwave handle and buttons after use.

  10. Follow any additional health and safety rules as needed.


If any students, myself, or anyone in my home has direct contact with someone who has tested positive for covid 19, we will close the physical classroom for 14 days.
If a student or member of their household tests positive, they may not return to the physical classroom. I would work with the parents to decide what the best option moving forward would be. Everything will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Apply hand sanitizer before leaving their desk for the bathroom

  2. After using the bathroom, wash hands

  3. Use a paper towel to dry hands and throw it away in the foot operated trash can

  4. Use a Clorox wipe to wipe down the following surfaces:

    1. Toilet handle

    2. Sink handles

    3. Door knob

  5. Use either the sanitizing wipe or fresh paper towel to operate the doorknob. Throw it away in the foot operated trashcan in the hallway.

Health and Safety: Services
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